Release Notes

  Dragon Code Builder Release Notes:

  Version 1.26.13, 12/2/04:

  Current revisions: Changed the decoder link to the Dragon Realms DC2 Decoder due to better support and in-line code stream capability. If you prefer, you may still use the JavaScript Dragon Code Decoder by Mithent Farsight.

  I have changed the license to the Free Improvement License (my own creation!). You can read it here.

  Now that my Dragon Code Builder is complete and the best and first of its kind, I'm starting to see some attempts to steal my efforts. Please read the license below and stick to it! Just because I'm a supporter of open source does not mean I think plagiarism is okay. I am working on anti-theft measures to prevent unlicensed use. You will always be able to build a Dragon Code right here 24/7! Also, I plan to start work soon on my own Dragon Code Decoder to replace the out-of-date one I link to currently. Watch for details!

  Finally added appendage lengths! See release notes for information about its limitations.

  Added some quick tips to building a Dragon Code.

  Fixed a problem where users could erroneously enter a shaped species without entering a main species.

  Noticed a lot of people putting Gm/m or Gf/f because of a redundant gender this, mentally same gender situation. Added a note to clarify that that is unnecessary.

  Fixed "SPna" bug.

  Added unknown values for every category of species. Added support for shape-of and physical-form species modifiers. Species is now almost fully supported except for the limitation mentioned in known bugs. Improved mating status and reworded one item that didn't make sense. Fixed a minor resetting bug. Added free-text to length, width, and weight; now all the elements support it. The only major hole in the builder now is the specific lengths for body parts; I will probably update that next.

  Fixed unknown/variable support. Omitting species no longer assumes unknown species. (For unknown species go to the bottom of the list.) Having more than one form no longer assumes that you are a shapeshifter, but if you add a second form the option will be checked by default. (It is now possible to be nothing but a shapeshifter.) Stable form added. Added free-text to appendages. Fixed "Other" bug. Added free-text to color and fixed issues there.

  Improved gender tag, this should be more than enough. Added one-dragon properties corresponding to the decoders and specs.

  Added Thaumivore to Diet, the only fully documented change to DC2.6. If anyone knows of any other changes please let me know.

  Past revisions: Fixed HTML output support to be compatible with forums and journals that convert newlines to breaks.

  Fixed null value bug when working with listboxes. This change makes the code a tiny bit smaller, too.

  Added "Dimar" dragon species.

  Added marbled color type.

  Added crests to appendages and colors.

  Added huggability tag.

  Arranged some things by alphabetic order.

  Known issues: If you notice a bug that is not listed here, let me know, because I may not already be aware of it.

  The species tag is missing grouping symbols; don't expect to see those anytime soon because that would require a total overhaul of the system and a lot more code. That would also make a basic DC2 much harder to build for the average user.

  Appendage lengths can only be specified once per appendage, so you cannot have some short legs and some long legs (even though the spec would permit that). Also, you may only use one unit of measurement for all appendage lengths; this is the way it is required by the DC2 spec.

  Right now you can't specify a value for most tags, then follow it with a variable modifier (e.g. saying that you are normally human-sized, but vary in size). This was left out due to confusion between unspecified and nonpolar (e.g. completely variable vs. variable, but stable at the normal value). This won't be fixed anytime soon because the best way to work around this is to use grouping symbols with the species tag.

  Free-text has very few error checks; you can create a free-text with conflicting double-quotes. I figured most people would be smart enough not to try it and left the heavy bug-proofing out here. Use free-text responsibly.

  A lot of these items are paraphrased, abridged, or have different spelling in order to adapt the definitions to an American audience. Deal with it, because I won't be fixing this at any time.

  Distributive real life/virtual life tags are not supported and won't be. For the sake of simplicity, create a separate code for your real life.

  The separator for tags is a single space character. This can be changed easily in the script in one step, but since I and everyone else would rather not see Dragon Codes without spaces or with double-spacing, this will not be changed here.

  Minimum requirements: Netscape or Internet Explorer 4. Suggested: Netscape or Internet Explorer 6. This page is designed with HTML 4.01 Transitional, CSS level 3, and JavaScript 1.2. This script should work on virtually any up-to-date browser but do a test by only filling out a few tags before you dive in.

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